Monday, November 26, 2012

Situational Leadership® Three Steps to Being a More Influential Leader

Situational Leadership® is a powerful and proven model that enables leaders (especially inexperienced or frustrated ones) to influence others to get results.

A common mistake made by new managers is assuming that they should lead others the way that they like to be led. If only it were that simple. Effective leadership, like most things in life, is highly contextual.

To be successful, leaders must be able to quickly identify the variables of a given situation and adapt their management style to the specific needs of the individual or group they are trying to influence.

Situational Leadership® makes this much easier by providing three sequential and proven steps:

  1. Pinpoint the Task: First identify the specific task, job or activity to be performed. In difficult circumstances, this requires cutting through all the noise and getting very pragmatic.

  2. Diagnose the Readiness Level: Second, assess the readiness level of the follower for the specific task. The model uses a four-point scale ranging from (R1) Unable & Unwilling to (R4) Able & Willing & Confident with precise criteria to help focus on demonstrated abilities and to not confuse enthusiasm or knowledge with capabilities.

  3. Attune your Leadership Behavior: Select the most effective leadership style to match the needs of the follower for the task at hand. The model uses another four-point spectrum ranging from (S1) Telling to (S4) Delegating with precise definitions to help ensure that your leadership method makes the most sense.

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