Sunday, October 30, 2016

Situational Leadership Training That Works

A cartoon business leader is going in one direction while 4 robots are going in the other

Some leaders are totally out of sync with their company’s strategy and their employees’ needs. They don’t know how to communicate effectively or how to influence their direct reports toward more productive behavior and performance. Be wary if you notice your leaders and followers moving in opposite directions with no clear goals in sight.

Leadership training for these leaders may be the answer…but make sure it is a program that actually produces results. Investigate situational leadership training. We have seen it work again and again.

The situational leadership training program teaches new and experienced leaders how to design the best strategies for working with their team to achieve desired outcomes. They learn how to diagnose and manage the motivations, abilities and performance of their team members and then utilize the leadership style that would be most effective for that situation. Done right, there is an emphasis on real-world scenarios and hands-on practice focused on the situations that matter most for you.

Rather than working with their direct reports using a one-style-fits-all approach, situational leaders learn which style would be most effective with each individual according to the specific situation. A follower who is struggling with a certain task may need more careful supervision and direct instruction. But a follower who is able and motivated in a certain situation may simply need to keep the leader informed of their progress.

The statistics are telling. For example, a retail industry holding company that trained over 1,500 store managers was able to exceed retention goals and meet revenue generation targets. At a global services and technology company, those who had attended the training outperformed the control group (without training) by 24% of the productivity targets that had been identified as significant. Additionally, there was over 15% less turnover on these teams. And, in an entirely different industry, a follow-up survey at a global pharma company found that from about 60-90% of direct reports said that there had been noticeable positive changes in their leaders’ approach to coaching and leading.

If you need to boost the skills of your managers, and in the process boost the productivity and satisfaction of your employees, check out situational leadership training. It can make the difference you are looking for.

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  1. This is a well written Informative article. There are a lot of positive elements in this article that can be very beneficial to leaders. One of those are the fact that both new and experienced leaders can benefit from the use of the situational training program. This would not only benefit the leaders but also the employees and the business itself.