Sunday, August 30, 2015

Good Leaders Grow Their People

One of the signs of a good leader is the people they grow. 

As a people manager it is all too tempting sometimes to rely on those few who always deliver…the ones you can count on to do the job well and on time. But you have a responsibility to all of your direct reports. If you rely on just a few, not only may they be overwhelmed but you also may well have ignored others with great potential.

Know your team and apply the lessons from situational leadership training. 

  • As tasks need assigning, take stock of all your direct reports…their skills and their readiness for new challenges. 
  • Expand your circle of “go-to’s” and give others a chance. 

They may need extra guidance at first but you owe them a chance to prove themselves and to grow. This is what the best leaders do…they motivate their followers to greater effort and learning.

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