Do Not Forget to Develop Your Hidden Leaders

When you are planning a development program for leaders, do not neglect to include those critical members of your company who may not supervise anyone. In other words, they are not currently in a management position but fulfill responsible and crucial roles in the organization. These are your hidden leaders that often greatly influence others.

Situational leadership training experts say that hidden leaders have great potential. Give them the opportunity to develop their skills. Even if they do not end up managing others, they will learn how to be better team players, improve their communication skills, and understand what it takes to coach effectively. These are all skills that will benefit the organization as a whole and, because you have invested in their future, these hidden leaders will pay you back in stronger commitment to the company. As their commitment grows, so will their engagement in their job and their productivity. And, if they end up in management, they will be better prepared to fulfill the role successfully.

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