The Necessity Of Situational Leadership Training

The Necessity Of Situational Leadership Training

Situational leadership is a necessary component of good management practices yet it is still severely underrated by most companies. 

Situational leadership training focuses on ensuring that managers are cognizant of its importance and implement it accordingly. People think of leadership as absolute when it is completely situational. A leader who performs excellently in one situation may end up crashing and burning on another situation. 

This is why a manager may succeed beyond expectations in one company but when they join another organization they turn into mediocre managers. Understanding that different types of leadership are required in different situations is the key to ensuring that your company is always being taken in the right direction.  

Every Leadership Style has its Own Special Qualities

Different times require different leadership. For example, when the company is doing well, your organization will need a leader that can ensure that growth keeps happening and investments are made in the right direction. 

On the other hand, if the organization is facing a hard time, you need a leader that knows how to focus on the core business and get rid of distractions. Similarly, if your company is growing then you need a leader that specializes in growing companies. 

There’s a reason most startups end up changing their CEO once the company is established properly. Someone who works very well when the company is an underdog may not be fit for the job once the company needs to act like a big organization.

Situational Leadership Training Allows Managers to Understand the Type of Leadership Required

Sometimes you end up seeing great management lessons from the most unexpected of sources. A superhero movie has the dialog, “He's the hero the city deserves, but not the one it needs right now.” 

which perfectly encapsulates the need for situational leadership. The hero being talked about is a good hero but the speaker realizes that the current situation of the city doesn’t need the hero; it instead needs a different type of hero that follows the rules to the city goes back to running according to the rules.

This is the core idea behind situational leadership. The training for this leadership focuses on ensuring that the leaders understand that their default method of leading the company may not be good enough for the current situation the company is facing. They need to change the way they work and make other people work.

Situational leadership is a concept that is respected in the military. The military knows that the type of leader that leads the battle on the field is very different from the type of leader that makes the plans for the battle. The military has perfected leadership over the years and they focus on creating different types of leaders that can deal with different situations. 

A full-scale attack will require a different type of leadership when you compare it to a stealth operation. It is time that organizations learn the same lesson if they want to succeed.

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