Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A No-Risk Way to Show Leadership Potential that is Worth a Try

A new and significant team is being formed and is, to date, without a leader. This is a position you hanker for and feel you can handle. What can you do to demonstrate that you are a prime candidate for the important job?

There is a new study by situational leadership training experts on just this subject. They learned that a simple exercise a few minutes before the critical initial meeting can significantly improve your chances of being selected team leader.
  1. Write down your life goals. What is it you hope to achieve? What are your personal and professional ambitions?
  2. Think about a time you felt happy and fulfilled.
The research showed that spending only five minutes this way will give you the demeanor of a confident leader. You will be unafraid to speak up and your influence will guide the team in decision making. And the best news? The effect is not short-lived. In follow-up meetings as much as two days later, you will continue to be viewed by your colleagues as a leader.

      It may sound corny, but there is no risk in giving it a try.

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