Monday, June 27, 2016

How To Unlock Your Potential as a Leader

A businessman pulls aside his jacket to show a superman costume underneath

What distinguishes superstars from the rest of us who do our work diligently but don’t seem to rise above the crowd? 

Situational leadership training experts say that it is not their leadership skills as much as their ability to align themselves seamlessly with the company and its goals. They seem to have a kind of X-ray vision…they take advantage of every opportunity to solve important problems and make themselves useful and appreciated. They have the mindset of a “superman” who is always ready to step in when needed and knows what to do to advance the company’s collective path toward success.

Let’s take a look at how these superstars behave that attracts notice from their peers and their superiors alike and that casts themselves in such a favorable light.

  1. They are in sync with their environment. In other words, they work where they fit…where their values are a good match for the corporate values and beliefs of the company. They fit culturally and, as a result, their natural behavior is noticed and appreciated because it embodies the desired corporate culture and is modeled by company leaders.

  2. They have both a strategic and tactical view of their work contribution. They know clearly what they must do on a daily basis to achieve their personal performance goals; but they also keep an eye on how what they do contributes to the whole. They understand not just what they have to do but why it matters. This gives them the systems and strategic perspective of a leader who can anticipate before others on their team what needs to be done and why.

  3. They have empathy. They tune into what others are feeling and what others want. From this perspective of understanding and caring, they are able to pitch in to help their teammates as well as to support their boss’ success. They simply seem to know how to help others work well in a way that makes sense personally and professionally.

  4. They manage their time effectively. They seem to be able to accomplish so much more than anyone else on the team with far less stress. If you ask them how they do it, they are likely to say that they spend a few minutes each day to prioritize their schedule and approach based upon the situation. They work on the most urgent and important items first and then proceed down their to-do list in a methodical and focused way. They avoid distractions and don’t try to multi-task. They understand how to be present and focus on what matters most.  They do this while balancing short-term performance and longer-term health.

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