Friday, February 1, 2013

Adaptive Leaders Blossom by Focusing on Behavior

Leaders, just like leadership theories, books, and fads, come and go.

Unfortunately, many companies who want to gain a competitive edge and create bench strength are easily persuaded by current, popular trends. They tend to chase the latest leadership buzz or guru as a panacea for their ineffective leadership practices and lack of follow-through. But as we have seen with other passing fashions, their effectiveness is short-lived.

When it comes to staying power and effectiveness, Situational Leadership® is a powerful and proven model that enables leaders to get the results they desire. Leaders learn how to adapt to situations they face with flexibility and particularity. This ability of a leader to adapt is built upon the premise that the most effective managers focus on observable behaviors. Leaders can thus avoid the unpredictable and unproductive minefields of attitudes, mindsets, potential, and talent that can trip them up. To be fair, to influence others, mindset does matter. A certain level of talent is also important and potential is alluring. But unless you have telepathy, all that you can truly rely on to make decisions is what your people do each and every day.

If you can observe it, you can measure it, coach to it…and lead it.

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