Thursday, February 21, 2013

There is No Single "Best" Style of Leadership

It is not about how you prefer to lead. It is about how your team needs to be led.

Effective leadership is an important part of making an organization productive. The most successful leaders are those who are able to diagnose a situation, evaluate their people, and then adapt their leadership style appropriately.

Situational Leadership involves examining a situation to determine the best course of action. Remember the three rules are...

1. Identify the Task. A leader must be clear what task or behavior you want your employee to engage in and then communicate that information in a clear, concise manner.

2. Diagnose Readiness. Ask yourself "How ready or unready is this person to perform the task?" Remember readiness assesses a person's ability and willingness to do the task or activity.

3. Match your Leadership Style. Match your leadership style to meet the needs required for the situation. Does this employee need more direction (structure/task behavior) or support (relationship/consideration)?

Think of an actual situation in which you need to influence others. Prepare by following the three steps above. Then apply the leadership style that best fits the situation. Reflect afterward on the effectiveness of the interaction.

Using the right leadership style depending on the situation and on the person or group being led will help you become a more effective leader.

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