Friday, July 19, 2013

Leadership Traits - Culling the Good From the Bad

When it comes to situational leadership training, there are a few key traits that distinguish the strong leaders from the bad. If you are in charge of producing results at your organization, you had better recognize the difference.

Here are some behaviors to watch for:

  • Attitude. Strong leaders are optimistic and have a positive outlook. Poor leaders with their negativity avoid change and challenges.
  • Energy. Good leaders are eager to come to work and inspire their followers with their passion. Bad leaders bring the whole team down with their apathetic outlook.
  • Communication. Successful leaders know how to involve their team. They have the interpersonal skills to encourage a healthy sharing of ideas. Poor communicators, on the other hand, do not know how to delegate or motivate. They don’t have the skills to build relationships with their coworkers. Their teams are characterized by low productivity and morale.
  • Vision. The best leaders maintain a focus on the “prize.” Poor leaders lack clarity of purpose.

The better you can sort out the good from the bad leaders, the healthier your organization’s future.

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