Friday, July 26, 2013

What It Takes to Lead

Is leadership a skill that can be learned? You be the judge.

Here is what it takes to be a successful leader:

  • Direction. Great leaders have a vision that drives them. They know where they are going and keep focused on their goal.
  • Willingness to take risks. Successful leaders are not afraid. They know themselves and are secure in their values. They are not deterred by challenging situations or people who oppose them.
  • A take-charge attitude. Leaders know what they need to do to get results and they dig in with energy and passion. They are ready to take control and do what it takes to succeed in their mission.
  • Internal drive. Great leaders are self-motivated. They don’t need others to guide or incentivize them…their driving force comes from within.
  • Ability to inspire. Leadership is not a solo exercise. Good leaders recognize talent in others and welcome their support as both leader and followers develop and grow.

While these traits cannot be completely picked up in a stand-alone situational leadership training workshop, they can be learned through focused practice, performance coaching and life experience.

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