Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mix Up Your Teams to Get Better Results

The most productive, high performing teams are made up of a mix of different personality and working types. The ideal mix includes some who are better at strategy and big idea thinking and others who excel at flawless implementation. For those who study situational leadership, this is how it works:

You need some on the team who are innovative, make decisions quickly, prefer action to debate, believe in the possible, take risks, and are future-oriented. These are the people who keep the team moving forward. But they are also the team members who, in their eagerness to try out new ideas, do not plan adequately and are likely to make mistakes.

That is why you have the other members of the team who are accurate, thorough, deliberate and careful as they work. They balance their speedy, action-oriented co-workers with their slower pace. They can analyze the pros and cons of their counterparts’ plans and make wise choices as to which plans are most likely to succeed.

Then play to people’s strengths.

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