Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Three Steps to Take as the New Boss in Town

The long-awaited promotion is yours and now, when you enter the weekly meeting, you will be in charge. These first sessions with your team are critical to establishing your leadership without alienating your former peers. It is time to check in with the experts…

Situational leadership training has some great tips for you as the new boss in town:

  1. Start slow. Don’t rock the boat with too many changes. Work first with small changes and, as those are accepted, add others.
  2. Meet individually with all the members of your team. Ask how you can support their success and then listen carefully. The better you understand their personal and professional goals, the better you can help them be successful.
  3. Establish your new position within the organization as a whole. Reach out to your new peers and make the connections that will smooth your path and build your credibility as a leader.

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