Monday, November 18, 2013

How to Eliminate Three Negatives to Lead Better

Those of you in leadership positions have no doubt attended some form of situational leadership training where you learned all the positive behaviors that can inspire your followers to improved performance under varied circumstances. But be aware that, unless you eliminate some possible negative behaviors, all your efforts to motivate your team may be for naught.

Be careful that you don’t unwittingly:
  1. Send disapproving or judgmental messages through your body language which speak louder than your words.
  2. Shift personalities from one extreme to the other which can leave your employees anxious. They don’t know which temperament they will meet from day to day.
  3. Jump into conversations before your time. Give others a chance to complete their thoughts before you ask questions or, worse, provide answers prematurely.
Do not undermine all that you have learned through positive leadership. Be consistent in the way you treat your team, listen respectfully to each and every one of your workers, and keep that frown off your face when you interact with your employees.

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