Tuesday, December 10, 2013

6 Things Creative Employees Need to Stay Engaged

If you are in a leadership position and have a bunch of creative types that are critical to your organization’s success, you had better learn what creative employees need to stay engaged. The experience of situational leadership training experts can help you keep these key workers aboard and productive.

As a leader of “Creatives,” you need to
  1. Define the desired organizational culture and behaviors required to be successful creatively as well as the desired competencies of each individual on the team.
  2. Leverage and play to the strengths of individual team members by assigning roles and projects that will capitalize on their creative talents and ambitions.
  3. Model the way so team members see what is expected of them. 
  4. Embrace the “right amount” of ambiguity.  Recognize that the creative process thrives on a bit of confusion. Use creative tension to get the most out of your team and to push boundaries.
  5. Create balance by monitoring work load to avoid burn out and compromised ideas. Be sure team members have some slack time to recharge and reflect.
  6. Get rid of or minimize everything that does not appreciate, reward and nurture creativity.

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