Friday, December 20, 2013

4 Areas to Consider When Making Tough Decisions

The mark of a great leader is often exemplified by their decision making ability.

Not only are they unafraid to make the call, but they are also more often right than wrong. How can you develop the skill of making the right decision when you are pulled in so many conflicting directions?

Situational leadership training experts have made a checklist that can help you choose the better path:
  1. Scenario Planning: You know what a post-mortem is…apply a pre-mortem. This will allow you to preview whatever challenges you might face in choosing one way versus another before it is too late.
  2. Knowledge Gaps: Evaluate what you really know and don’t know about the decision you face. If there are gaps in your knowledge, fill them.
  3. Prejudices and Blind Spots: Examine whether your past experience helps or hinders. Former decisions may seem similar and, good or bad, may unduly influence the decision that faces you currently.
  4. Emotions vs. Logic: Try to determine how much your emotions play a role. We are all subject to feelings of attachment to people and places and things. You need to separate your emotions from the decision…or at least understand them. The more objective you can be, the more sound the decision.

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