Friday, January 31, 2014

Leaders Need Inspiration Too

Most of the articles about effective leadership talk about the need to inspire.

Great leaders know how to communicate their vision and motivate their followers to great effort and enduring results. But sometimes, the language of situational leadership training falls a bit flat on the ears of leaders who are still learning the art. It all sounds good but to always be inspirational can be daunting to those new to leadership positions.

Leaders need inspiration too. Where can you look for your own motivation? To history or to current examples. Think of those leaders you admire. Read all you can about them. Review their lives and determine just what qualities made them so effective. Then try to figure out what fits your leadership style. Is there an attribute you can develop further that will help your development as a leader? The closer you can follow the example of leaders you idolize, the more effective you, too, will be as you lead.  

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