Saturday, February 15, 2014

3 Smart Ways to Be Smart About Meetings

Don’t fall into the trap that causes complaints from your team of calling too many meetings. It is tempting to schedule a meeting to let the group know what you’ve been up to but that’s not a good reason to pull them together. In fact, it is a classic time-waster.

  1. Don’t use them to pass along information that could easily be distributed via email. Call meetings only when there are issues that need to be discussed or decisions that need to be made as a team.
  2. Send out an agenda for every meeting in time enough for invitees to read and determine if they need to attend.
  3. Ask a team member to take notes or capture critical points on a flip chart. After the meeting, summarize the discussion and action items to distribute to all who attended and, as well, to those who did not attend but should be aware of what transpired. 

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