Sunday, June 15, 2014

4 Underappreciated Traits of Great Leaders

Great leaders know when to lead and when to follow. They recognize that they are fallible and understand that there are times when it is wisest to shift course. In other words they know when to flex. Situational leadership training stresses this approach to leading and lists 4 traits that keep great leaders on the path to success.

Great leaders:
  1. Keep their eye on the prize. They are focused on their ultimate objectives and put their egos aside. Willing to entertain new ideas, they are humble and recognize that others may have a better strategy to reach the goal.
  2. Are excellent listeners and communicators. They listen and understand the needs of others as well as being able to persuade with concise, simple, powerful language.
  3. Keep their emotions in check. Other than expressing their passion for their goal, great leaders suppress their emotions in favor of maintaining relationships.
  4. Are not petty or vengeful. They do not revel in the misfortunes of others but look to mediate situations and build coalitions. 

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