Friday, May 30, 2014

Leadership Training as a Competitive Advantage

There are an increasing number of executives who are coming around to the belief that training “done right” is a powerful competitive advantage. It has even been termed the “secret ingredient” to staying ahead of the competition and winning the war for talent.

While still rightfully demanding a solid business case and ROI for training, they now more intrinsically understand that well-trained employees who know they are valued will be more engaged in their work and more valuable to the corporation.  The engaged employee has opportunities to grow and returns the investment made in continuous learning on their behalf with their commitment, loyalty and discretionary effort.

Situational leadership training professionals have claimed all along that relevant, effective action-learning (when combined with proven assessment, performance coaching and measurement methodologies) has a significant impact on an organization’s long-term health and short-term success. What is new is the appreciation of the decision makers and purse-string holders. This is great news for those of us in the business of learning and development.

But it means that we must be all the more demanding of ourselves in assuring that training is properly and appropriately aligned to move an important business metric that makes a difference.

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