Sunday, August 31, 2014

3 Ways to Re-Build Trust as a Leader

The recession took an enormous toll, and we are only beginning to fully understand all its negative consequences.

In the working world, we are seeing a surprisingly high level of mistrust felt by employees for their company leaders. According to a survey conducted in early 2014 by the American Psychological Association, almost 25% of workers say “they don’t trust their employer” and only about 50% believe “their employer is open and upfront with them.” This is an alarming statistic for those of us committed to improving employee performance and engagement.

Here are 3 ways to re-build the trust that is the foundation for positive relationships between employees and managers as shown in situational leadership training:

    1. Be as transparent as possible. Share information with your team. Show confidence in their ability to handle the truth and in their willingness to support the organization when they understand what’s at stake.
    2. Encourage open communication. Ask for input and then act upon what you learn. Feedback from the team is as important in continuous improvement as feedback from the team leader down.
    3. Show your appreciation. Recognize hard work and honest effort with verbal praise or whatever will be most meaningful to the recipients.

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