Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Good Leaders Use Stress for Good

We most often think of stress as a negative emotion…that saps energy and diminishes productive problem-solving.

But why not switch to considering stress as a signal to reevaluate and change? If you think of it in a more positive way, you have an opportunity to take back control of your emotions and thoughts and move to a healthier state.

Here’s an example of how it can work:

  • The CFO of a small, private company was never able to attend executive meetings without enormous stress. The other executives dismissed his ideas and criticized his actions. He was ready to abdicate.

  • But after a situational leadership training program he decided to think of stress as a sign that something was wrong and needed to change.

  • He called a meeting of the executives and got them to agree that they all had the same goal…the company’s success.

  • In a less defensive mode, he invited their ideas on how they should proceed as a team. Rather than drawing battle lines, the executives were able to appreciate each other’s experience and move forward together.

  • The CFO’s stress lessened and the executives worked more productively as a team.
Try using stress for good…as a prod for repairing situations rather than avoiding and being overcome by them. 

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