Thursday, April 30, 2015

One Way to Keep Your Team On the Ball

One Way to Keep Your Team On the Ball

Every team leader wants to know that their team is engaged in doing what they need to do to succeed. It may not be as hard as you think to keep their focus on what is important. From situational leadership training, here is one easy way to help them prioritize their activities and stay on the ball:

  • The Top 3. Meet individually with your team members to establish the three activities or tasks that are the most critical for their job success.

  • Skills Required. Assess whether or not they have the skills to accomplish those tasks. If not, set up a plan to build those skills or shift their job assignment to one that is better suited to their strengths.

  • Time Management. List the top three tasks and agree that three-quarters of their workday should be devoted to those activities.

  • Progress Check-Ins. Reassess on a regular basis to update the “list of three” and share how the plan is working.
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