Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lead and Let Go of the Minutiae to Empower Your Team

Lead and Let Go of the Minutiae to Empower Your Team

Are you the type of boss who hovers and tries to monitor each and every minute detail of your team’s work?

Then you are in serious danger of stifling the creativity and motivation of your team members. No one wants to be second-guessed and to have a manager watching over their shoulder all the time. If you are that manager, let go of the minutiae, all the post-it note reminders of how you think they should proceed and give your team members the space to learn, grow and innovate.

Situational leadership training proposes an excellent strategy for dealing effectively with different levels of readiness for your guidance. Some followers need regular supervision; they depend upon structure and the approval of the boss. Others are more independent and flourish when left alone. Of course, all need clear expectations of what you look for in the way of desired results and how it fits into the overall strategic plan. But many prefer to find their own path to desired outcomes…checking in with you only with occasional questions or when obstacles arise. These are the followers who will excel because they are motivated to learn and improve. Give them the opportunity to do it on their own!

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