Friday, July 31, 2015

Why It Is OK for Leaders NOT to Have All the Answers

Many leaders mistakenly think it is in their job description to have all the answers.

Not so, say situational leadership training experts. In fact, the best leaders know that false confidence can breed confusion and mistrust. And if you are not clear and do not have the trust of your employees, how can you hope to lead and inspire them?

Surprising to many new leaders, your credibility as a person is partly a result of your transparency and vulnerability. Yes, your employees look to you for guidance and need to know you are competent and confident in your role. But if you cannot accept a bit of uncertainty and own up to it, you will quickly lose their trust.

No one can predict the future. There is always risk. Overconfident decisions are likely faulty ones. It is far better to confess that there are several possible outcomes of your decisions than to pretend the future is certain.

Be open, honest and agile. This is the sign of a true leader who believes in what can be done and can adjust to changing realities in order to achieve the goals that have been set.  

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