Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Making Leadership Training Personal

There is no such thing as a leadership machine. There are leadership training programs and books on the subject; there are the leadership traits that one learns from life experience; there are some lucky few people just born with natural talents for leadership. And there is another way to grow leaders…coaching them personally situation by situation. 

This kind of situational leadership training depends upon your being able to be very specific about the behaviors that you and your organization want to see in high performing future leaders. It is not just enough to say that integrity, for instance, is fundamental to leadership. You need to be specific about the behaviors that demonstrate the critical leadership trait of integrity for your unique business strategy and corporate culture.

For instance, if your team has just uncovered a defect in one of your products, how should a leader with integrity handle this? Talk about this with the group. Set the standard and model the kind of reaction that shows you are prepared to deal with the problem openly and honestly. Demonstrate the behavior that proves integrity.

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