Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Best Leaders Work Differently

A picture of a big shoe and a small shoe that, as Situational Leadership training shows, no longer symbolize leadership practices of a domineering boss

The best leaders are no longer the ones with the biggest shoes that dominate all the rest of us. The best leaders work differently. They don’t bully and dictate; they create strategies that inspire, cultures that maximize performance and talent that drives toward excellence.

Situational leadership training brings the qualities of top leaders to the fore to be observed, practiced and adopted. A few attributes that differ from the former leadership styles are:
  • TransparencyNo longer working in an ivory tower, top leaders  share key information with their executive team as well as with the work force so all can pull in the same direction and support one another.
  • AccountabilityAll are held accountable for performing to agreed-upon expectations. And if low performers do not improve, they are re-assigned or dismissed. Tenure matters less than performance because poor performers undermine the motivation of even the highest of performers.
  • Constructive DebateNew ideas are welcomed. The best leaders appreciate challenges to the status quo and foster an environment where discussions are open.
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