Saturday, October 31, 2015

How Would You Rate Your Management Effectiveness?

Thumbs up for the happy, good employee and thumbs down for the sad, bad employee

Good leaders have a positive impact on employee engagement and therefore on employee performance. Bad managers have the opposite effect. If you are in charge of an organization large or small, you had better take a good look at how effective your managers are so you can predict the success or failure of your strategy.

Here is a breakdown from situational leadership training of what constitutes good and bad leadership from the point of view of the people who managers lead.

Bad managers…
Are out for themselves, neglect the team and do not support their followers.
Over-monitor their team members and nit-pick their every move.
Don’t care much about their own work and do as little as possible.
Lie to their workers and probably just about everybody else.

Good managers…
Admit their mistakes and are not afraid to show some vulnerability.
Care about their employees and regularly check in on how they are doing.
Are supportive, encouraging and recognize effort and growth.
Lead by example and with confidence.

On which side do your leaders fall?

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