Friday, October 31, 2014

3 Difficult Situations and How to Manage Through Them

Every aspiring athlete has heard the advice that, if you visualize yourself winning your next challenge, you are more likely to achieve your goal. The same advice could be part of situational leadership training—if you anticipate and think through difficult situations you face as a manager, you are more likely to handle them well.

Here are 3 challenging situations and ways to manage through them:

  1. Special employee requests
    The key is to be fair but caring when employees come with requests for time off, salary increases or changes in responsibilities. To maintain consistency and impartiality, you have two major considerations: the good of the team as a whole and company policy.
  1. Budget cuts
    Your project budget has been cut and your team members fear losing their jobs. First, look for ways to reduce waste and inefficiencies. Ask for ideas on where expenses could be pared. Invite your team’s participation in solving the problem. Only then should you consider reducing the size of your team.
  1. Employee complaints
    No team works perfectly smoothly together. Listen to complaints. Sometimes all a manager needs to do is to hear grievances and acknowledge them. Other times, you will need to investigate and take action. Keep your team posted on progress so they feel valued and heard.
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