Sunday, November 30, 2014

Why Some Leaders Welcome Tough Assignments While Others Wilt Under the Pressure

Any new job or new assignment will have challenging moments when you are not sure what to do.

Though you have never faced this particular situation before, you must make smart decisions, act decisively and move forward in a way that makes sense for your team, unique strategy and culture.

Some managers handle this kind of challenge with eagerness because, to them, it represents an opportunity to learn something new. Other managers shrink with fear of taking a wrong turn. Especially when the stakes are high, they may even consider giving up.

What makes the difference between these two opposite reactions?

According to a study conducted by the University of Connecticut’s Yuntao Dong, the difference in reaction is due to the difference in Emotional Intelligence.

  • He found that among managers with low Emotional Intelligence, there was a 20% increase in wanting to leave their job when confronted by an unpleasant learning experience.

  • On the contrary, those managers with high Emotional Intelligence were apt to see these moments of truth as positive.
The takeaway?

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