Monday, December 29, 2014

How to Lead Your Team Toward Confidence

Do you aspire to lead a team that is full of confidence…one that exudes a thumbs-up attitude of optimism?

It can’t happen overnight. Confidence is earned over time. It is the powerful sense of one’s ability to solve problems and reach a positive outcome. And it comes with experience.

If you want to inspire confidence in your team, you need to think back to your situational leadership training where you matched the task to the readiness of your employee. Start small with tasks that you know can be accomplished with some effort. And then slowly increase the challenge. Your employees will learn what they can do and will feel more confident as they move step-by-step toward the larger goals you want to set for the team as a whole.

Missteps will occur…but the way you handle them is critical. There should be no finger-pointing. Confidence is shown when team members take responsibility for their actions. They accept their mistakes and move on knowing they have learned a good lesson and will do better next time.

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